The Preserved Diesel Locomotive

An outdoor Exhibit of the Vintage Era, the Regional Rail Musuem at Mysuru has preserved some locomotives which reflect the Vast history of the Great Indian Railways.

The YDM 4 Locomoitve 6200, from Diesel Loco Shed, Ponmalai / Golden Rock - preserved here depicts the grandeur of the Glorious Metre Gauge Era of the Past. This Locomotive happens to be the Locomotive which did the honours of hauling the last MG Passenger Service between Mysuru and Chamarajanagara on the 16th day of January 2007, before the line was closed for Gauge Conversion. The Locomotive had Typical Green GOC Livery when it was in service, but the Green was replaced by Blue when it was brought into the musuem. This Locomotive has a great history of hauling Metre Gauge Trains on different Metre Gauge Lines in Southern Railways, including on the UNESCO Protected Heritage Metre Gauge Line of Nilagiri Mountain Railways (NMR). 

"YDM 4, 6200 preserved in Regional Rail Museum, Mysuru"

"Long Hood View of the YDM 4 Locomotive, 6200"

"Another Picture of the Preserved YDM 4 Locomotive, 6200"

A Rail Bus of YRD Class is also preserved in the Musuem, beside the YDM 4 Locomotive. The Rail Bus was built by BEML in the year 1930 and brought into service in the Year 1939. It ran between Shivamogga Town and Talaguppa. With an Average Speed of 21 kmph, the Rail Bus used to take 3 hours 45 Minutes to cover the distance of 82 kms, between Shivamogga Town and Talaguppa. The Rail Bus could accomodate 52 Passengers. On Reaching Talaguppa, the Rail bus had to undergo a Reversal on a turntable to start its Return Journey to Shivamogga Town. The Last Journey of this Rail Bus in the Section was on the 7th Day of August, 2007.

"YRD Class Metre Gauge Rail Bus"

"YDM 4, 6200 and YRD Class Rail Bus preserved in the Regional Rail Museum, Mysuru"

"Another picture of YDM 4, 6200 and YRD Class Rail Bus "

"The Long hood View of the YDM 4, 6200 and the Trailing Coach of the Rail Bus"

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