YDM 4 - The Royal Locomotive in different Liveries

The Undisputed King of the Metre Gauge Network of the Indian Railways is  the YDM 4 Locomotive serving the Great Indian Railways from the Greater Half of the 20th Century.The YDM 4 portrays the Glory of the fading Metre Gauge Networks of the Indian Railways.

As a part of its ongoing Effort to document all the YDM 4 Locomotives, Diesel Loco Shed presents a few varieties of Different Liveried YDM 4 Locomotives.

1. Diesel Loco Shed, GOLDEN ROCK / PONMALAI (Southern Railways)

The Typical Livery of GOC YDM 4 Locos. 
Another Livery which used to exist. Popularly known as the Bio Diesel Livery, this livery gave a classic look to the locomotive
Another Picture of the same liveried Locomotive
Blue Liveried YDM 4 preserved in the Regional Rail Musuem, Mysuru. Note that only the Colour is changed from Green to Blue but the pattern is the same

2. Diesel Loco Shed, MHOW (Western Railway)

YDM 4 Locomotive adorning the Typical MHOW Livery. This Livery gives a royal Look to the Locomotive
A Different Pattern of the Paint Scheme. Note the Logo Stripes are painted a little higher than usual
A New livery which the shed seems to have adopted now. The Blue on the lower part is replaced with Red
A Brown Livery which can be seen on some Locomotives of the shed. This Colour Scheme gives a kind of antique Look to the Locomotive
3. Diesel Loco Shed, SABARMATI (Western Railway)

One of the most Soothing Liveries on a YDM 4 Locomotive. SBI YDM 4 locos have this unique kind of Light Purple Livery
Another Locomotive from SBI, leading ADI UDZ Passenger
4. Diesel Loco Shed, PHULERA (North Western Railway)
Typical Livery of Phulera Locomotives. Now some of these Locomotives are transferred to a new shed opened at Sikar
A Different Colour Scheme adopted by the shed. The Stripe pattern remains the same but the Blue colour has replaces the brown
Another Locomotive in Typical Izzatnagar Livery
5. Diesel Loco Shed, SIKAR (North Western Railway)
Locomotive transferred from Phulera to the new shed at Sikar. So the Livery of both the FL and SIKR sheds are more or less the same
6. Diesel Loco Shed, IZZATNAGAR (North Eastern Railway)
YDM 4 from IZN painted in a lighter shade of the Livery
A Dark tone of the livery
This is the typical IZZATNAGAR livery, a medium toned Blue Colour


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