PARALLEL Action of UBL Lions on Twin Single Line Section - Indian Railways

Catch the Amazing PARALLEL Action Video one Twin Single Line Section between KSR Bengaluru (SBC) and Yesvantapur Jn. (YPR). The Trains involved in this parallel action are 16532 / Bengaluru Ajmer Express and 17308 / Mysuru Bagalkot Basava Express. Both the trains have the same departure time at KSR Bengaluru i.e 17.00 hours. It can be seen in the video that 17307 / Basava Express being a short rake overtakes the other train and picks up speed and proceeds faster, while the 16532 / Ajmer Express lags behind. 17307 / Basava Express was powered by the Last Imported WDP 4 i.e 20009 homed at Diesel Loco Shed, Hubballi while 16532 / KSR Bengaluru Ajmer Express was powered by WDP 4, 20024 also homed at Diesel Loco Shed, Hubballi. 

It is indeed a very impressive Scene to watch both the Locos in Short Hood, that too with Original Cabs (Not Wide Cabs) coming simultaneously in this section side by side. Its also a pleasure to watch one of them over take the other. This Kind of Parallel action and also Twin Single Line Section is not very widely found in Indian Railways, Since most of the doubled sections have one line for moving down and another for moving up.

The Picture where in 20009 powering Basava can be seen picking up speed and proceeding while 20021 powering Ajmer Express lags behind

Watch the following Video to enjoy the Parallel action race between the two Trains.

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