Colourful LHB Intercity powered by Unique WDP 4 - Indian Railways

LHB expanded as Linke Hofmann Busch Coaches are the Passenger coaches that were developed by by Linke-Hofmann-Busch of Germany and and produced by Rail Coach Factory in Kapurthala. They are considered to be "anti-telescopic", which means they do not get turned over or flip in case of a collision (chiefly head-on). These coaches are made of stainless steel and the interiors are made of aluminium which make them lighter as compared to conventional rakes.Each coach also has an "advanced pneumatic disc brake system" for efficient braking at higher speeds, "modular interiors" that integrate lighting into ceiling and luggage racks with wider windows. The improved suspension system of LHB coaches ensures more riding comfort for the passengers compared to conventional rakes. The air conditioning system of the LHB coaches is of higher capacity compared to the older rakes and is controlled by a microprocessor which is said to give passengers better comfort than the older coaches during summer and winter seasons. 

LHB Coaches replaced the ICF Coaches recently in SWR for Train Number 16578 / 16579 Shivamogga Town Yesvantapur Intercity Express and 16577 / 16578 Yesvantapur Harihara Intercity Express. Seen in this video is 16578 / Harihara Yesvantapur Intercity Express in his new LHB Avatharam. The entire rake comprising of Different coloured coaches has really given a very beautiful and colourful look to the Train. The Train was powered by 20037, WDP 4 from Diesel Loco Shed, Krishnarajapuram. 

Loco Number 20037 powering the Colourful LHB Train !!!

The following is the video of 16578 / Harihara Yesvantapur Intercity Express in his LHB Avatharam !!

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