The "Ramar" BLUE Loco - Sri Rama Navami Special - Indian Railways

Diesel Loco Shed wishes all the viewers a Happy Sri Rama Navami Festival. On this auspicious occasion, Diesel Loco Shed presents a Video Compilation of WDG 4 Locomotive Number 12028 of Diesel Loco Shed, Krishnarajapuram. This is a very Unique Locomotive painted in "Ramar" Blue Colour. Ramar Blue Colour is a tone of Blue Colour with the Hex code "48B2F0" and RGB "72,178,240".  
It is an innovative initiative of Diesel Loco Shed, Krishnarajapuram to paint its Electromotive Diesel Locomotives in different Liveries and this was the first Locomotive to get a different Livery. It is very Great Initiative by the shed to change the typical Liveries of the EMD Locos and paint them uniquely.

Sri Rama Navami is a Very important Hindu Festival celebrating the birth of Lord Sri Rama. Lord Rama is one of the Main Avatharams of Sri Mahavishnu, who is considered the Supreme Lord. The holy day usually falls in the Shukla Paksha on the Navami, the ninth day of the month of Chaitra. Thus it is also known as Chaitra Masa Suklapaksha Navami, and marks the end of the nine-day Chaitra-Navaratri (Vasanta Navaratri) celebrations. Valmiki in his Sanskrit text Ramayana describes the natal or birth chart of young Rama,[15] and this day is celebrated as Ramanavami festival throughout India and amongst Indian diaspora:[16]

Valmiki (who wrote Ramayanam) in his Sanskrit text Ramayana describes the natal or birth chart of young Rama,[15] and this day is celebrated as Ramanavami festival throughout India  - 
“On completion of the ritual six seasons have passed by and then in the twelfth month, on the ninth day of Chaitramonth [March–April], when the presiding deity of ruling star of the day is Aditi, where the ruling star of day is Punarvasu (Nakshatra), the asterism is in the ascendant, and when five of the nine planets viz., Sun, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, and Venus are at their highest position, when Jupiter with Moon is ascendant in Cancer, and when day is advancing, then Queen Kausalya gave birth to a son with all the divine attributes like lotus-red eyes, lengthy arms, roseate lips, voice like drumbeat, and who took birth to delight the Ikshwaku dynasty, who is adored by all the worlds, and who is the greatly blessed epitome of Vishnu, namely Rama.”

Details of the Trains shown in the Video - 
1. 56580 / Nelamangala Bengaluru Passenger
2. 56579 / Bengaluru Nelamangala Passenger
3. 56579 / Bengaluru Nelamangala Passenger
4. 56281 / Chamarajanagar Bengaluru Passenger
5. 56281 / Chamarajanagar Bengaluru Passenger
6. 56524 / Hindupur Bengaluru Passenger
7. 56237 / Mysuru Bengaluru Passenger
8. 56523 / Bengaluru Hindupur Passenger

The Elegant Long Hood of the Ramar Blue Loco, powering 56580 / NMGA SBC Passenger

Short Hood of the same, powering 56579 / SBC NMGA Passenger
The Video of the Uniquely Painted "Ramar Blue" Locomotive is presented below - 

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